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Tax Relief Programs

The Salt Lake County Treasurer is responsible for the administration of four statutory relief programs available in Salt Lake County:

Within each Tax Relief Program there are specific eligibility requirements that must be met. The eligibility requirements may change from year to year. Applicants must prove the eligibility requirements are met on an annual basis before tax relief can be granted

In order to be considered for Tax Relief, applicants will be required to provide tax returns and other proofs of income, statements showing savings and investment balances, including retirement accounts, doctor's certifications and other relevant material necessary to support granting of tax relief.

If your principal residence is held in a trust and the Salt Lake County Tax Relief Division does not have a copy of your trust documents, or if you have made changes in your trust, please provide this information with your application.

Program descriptions, documentation requirements and application forms

The Statutory Deadline for Filing Tax Relief Applications is September 1st of the current year.


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